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About us

Catalunya Film Festivals is the association of Catalan film festivals and exhibitions which defends and manages the great cultural value that they represent for the audiovisual sector, culture and society.

Film festivals are a key element of the Catalan film sector, a platform for the dissemination of previously unreleased, plural and diverse films, generating a collective reflection and experiences.

At CFF, we contribute to the local, national and international growth and promotion of over 48 Catalan film festivals and exhibitions.

Since 2005, we have been working with quality, excellence and social commitment parameters in order to provide coverage for Catalan festivals and to bring them closer to the citizens through joint projects.

We are driven by taking care of and showing the diversity of festivals and exhibitions from Catalonia, while adding value to the cultural wealth of the sector: the whole of Catalonia, all audiences, all genres and subject matters, all year round.

48 festivals and exhibitions
1,500 professionals
570,000 spectators
200 projection spaces
100 locations in Catalonia

What we do


We communicate the requests and requirements of the festivals which form part of Catalunya Film Festivals to the institutions which regulate the cultural sector and to the public administration. We ensure that your voice and opinion are heard and valued.

Professional days

We organize training days with the aim of professionalizing film festivals and exhibitions and of creating synergies among the different agents of the cultural and audiovisual sector.

These days provide networking spaces and offer communication, financing, organization and reflection tools to make the film festivals viable and sustainable. They also address new trends in the sector, and disseminate and debate best practices in the sector.

Legal advice service

We offer legal advice (labour, tax, accounting, commercial and occupational risks) to the partner festivals and we contribute to their professionalization. We also advise them on the implementation of specific security protocols which we have created for film festivals and exhibitions.


Catalunya Film Festivals is the biggest network of festivals of Catalonia and of Spain; in total, over 1,500 professionals are linked to it. 

We take advantage of our strategic position to disseminate the activity of the partners through all of our communication channels (website, newsletter, social media, relations with the media, etc.).

Joint projects

Catalunya Film Festivals is affiliated with the PIMEC business association, in which it has promoted the culture sector. Catalunya Film Festivals is also the promoter of the Actua Cultura programme and the founding entity of PANTALLA, the State Federation of Coordinators of Film and Audiovisual Content Festivals. It is currently a member of Pacte del Temps and is part of the R4 Films working group with SUNCINE, OPA-UPF and PAC Productors (#CinemaSostenible). It has also carried out the #SomAudiovisualResponsable initiative with CreARSA and PAC Productors, to boost the visibility of news and tools related to sustainability.

Right from the beginning, Catalunya Film Festivals has launched a series of projects which benefit the partner festivals. Their objective is to expand the voice of film festivals, to put them in contact with different agents from the cultural sector and to bring them closer to the collective imagination of the citizens.

Whether bringing film festivals and exhibitions closer to multicultural proposals from the region or helping to expand their dissemination beyond the territory, the joint projects of CFF highlight the importance of film festivals within the cultural framework of Catalonia.

Some of the current projects are El Dia Més Curt, the subtitling of films in Catalan and acting as a vehicle for the participation of the partner festivals in territorial cultural initiatives.


Marta Lladó


Gerard Forns

Marc Mampel 

Management Board
President / Oriol Altell, Festival InÈdit (Barcelona)
Vice-president /Nathalie Modigliani de El Meu Primer Festival
Secretary / Roger Sabat, de Molins de Rei Film Festival (Molins de Rei)
Treasurer /  Adriana Pérez del Festival Inclús
Member / Joaquim Cruselles de Nits de Cinema Oriental
Member / Roger Sabat de Molins de Rei Film Festival (Molins de Rei)
Member / Èric Motjer de Manlleu Film Festival (Manlleu)
Member / Marc Vaíllo de L’Alternativa Festival de Cinema Independent (Barcelona)
Member / Carlos Rodríguez de D’A Film Festival (Barcelona)
Member / Xavier Lezcano de l’Americana Film Festival (Barcelona)
Member / Agustí Argelich de Filmets (Badalona)
Member / Jordi Forcada de Cerdanya Film Festival (Cerdanya)