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About CFF

Uniqueness and growth

Catalunya Film Festivals is an association of Catalan film festivals and exhibitions that defends and manages their great cultural value both for the audio-visual sector and for society in general. It is the only one of its kind in Catalonia, the oldest and most dynamic in Spain and an international point of reference

Founded in 2005, the association has around fifty members catering to 500.000 annual spectators to whom it offers different communication, organization and financing services and tools to support their growth: the organization of professional training days, accounting and tax-related advice, institutional representation, the creation of common projects, etc.

Quality and excellence

Catalunya Film Festivals bestows a seal of quality on its members, a brand easily identifiable by all the agents of a sector supported by 15 years of experience and service, and by a network of expert professionals and collaborators. The Catalunya Film Festivals members are governed by a Code of Ethics of good practices that defines the type of festival we want: rigorous, plural and quality programming; committed to national and international promotion; professional organization committed to creators and spectators.

15 years of experience
50 festivals and exhibits: thematic diversity
12 months: seasonal diversity
+100 cities: territorial diversity
3-99 years: audience diversity
+500,000 spectators


1. Prestige

To be the benchmark brand of Catalonia film festivals and exhibitions.

2. Recognition

To provide festivals and exhibitions that are governed by our Code of Ethics with an identifiable seal of quality that is recognized by all agents in the sector.

3. Relevance

To position ourselves as one of the main agents in the sector, actively participating in the different arenas for debate on the country’s audio-visual industry (sectoral tables, markets, etc.) and establishing synergies with other agents (universities, institutions, etc.).

4. Evolution

To contribute to the growth of the Catalan audio-visual industry by organizing training activities and supporting festivals and exhibitions in order to grow nationally and internationally.

5. Growth

To contribute to the creation of new audiences and the audio-visual literacy of spectators, especially the young, enabling projects whose content has a direct and substantial effect.

6. Information

To position ourselves as a useful means of communication for all agents in the sector. To provide information about the activity of Catalan festivals and film exhibitions and about current industry events through our information channels (social networks, newsletters, blogs, etc.).