Arno Frisch from Funny Games special guest of Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei

The Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei will be screening the Funny Games film, today at 6:30 p.m., with its main character as a special guest, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the film.

Twenty years after, we want to celebrate the production of one of the ghastliest films of all times. We refer to Funny Games, by Michael Haneke.
The Austrian director, to whom the Festival is paying tribute this year, warned us of the human frailty in front of the horror that we all can experience without even leaving home.

A film that has become a symbol of Haneke’s work and a big classic for the new features of the genre to follow. A major event that the Festival will celebrate with the screening of the film.


At the end of the screening there will be a question and answer session with its protagonist: Arno Frisch.

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