TERRA GOLLUT film festival

Committed films and photojournalism

Supporting commitment and values in the social sphere from cinematographic and photographic talent. 

TERRA GOLLUT film festival is a project promoted by Joaquim Roqué, who was the director and intellectual promoter, for six editions, of the Gollut Festival, which has screened national and international works on the subject of raising social and environmental awareness, or which show some kind of activism in favour of human rights and cultural diversity.

The origin of the festival is the “golluts” of Ribes, a community of people who were discriminated against because of their physical characteristics until they completely disappeared in the mid-20th century. Calling the festival “Gollut” is intended to provide them with public recognition.

The festival’s different sections screen a wide range of genres and formats which deal with social issues and non-discrimination: from feature films and documentary shorts to photojournalism proposals.