Catalan subtitling

of films at member cinema festivals and exhibitions

There is a clear linguistic deficit in the audio-visual sector: the use of Catalan is extremely scarce in cinemas, in terms of the number of copies in Catalan with which a film is premiered and the conditions in which this occurs. However, this is a strategic sector from a cultural, economic and social point of view, and films have an important role to play in the formation of identities (and diversity) that reflect different traditions and histories.

We signed an agreement over ten years ago with the Directorate-General for Language Policy in order to enhance funding for subtitling films in Catalan amongst our members. In this way, we encourage festivals and shows to promote the habit of cinemagoing in Catalan and strengthen and promote the use of Catalan across Catalonia.

Thanks to this project, last year more than 600 films seen in 85 Catalan locations were subtitled.