CFF Very present at the XV Gaudí Awards

Carla Simón’s cinema swept the XV Gaudí Awards with ‘Alcarràs’, taking up to 5 awards, among them: Best Director, Original Screenplay and Best Film.

A gala marked by the death of Agustí Villaronga, filmmaker, where Carla Simón said: “It is very poetic that Agustí died just today, the day we are celebrating Catalan cinema, when we can all come together to remember him” shortly before the gala of the fifteenth edition of the Gaudí Awards. And the president of the Catalan Film Academy, Judith Colell, has agreed with him: “This will be Agustí Villaronga’s gala.”

Pau Venteo – Europa Press

At the Catalunya Film Festival we like to see how films like ‘Alcarràs’ end up winning awards year after year, since festivals are the ideal place where this cinema can be seen for the first time and many times at its premieres. ‘Alcarràs’ has been seen at the Cerdanya Film Festival, at Terra Gollut, and at the D’A Festival, for example.

In addition, the XV Gaudí Awards included many other titles that have gone through festivals and exhibitions that are partners of the Catalunya Film Festivals, such as ‘Suro’, which had 10 Gaudí nominations and was awarded Best Novel Direction by Mikel Gurrea along with the award for Best Female Lead and Best Male Lead. Film that we were able to see at its premiere at the Alternativa, the Barcelona Independent Film Festival.


At the Clam Festival we were able to see one of the other protagonists of the night, ‘One year, one night’ winner of 5 Gaudís Awards: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Original Music, Best Sound and Best Visual Effects. She also highlighted ‘Pacifiction’ with 3 Gaudís for Best Film in a Non-Catalan Language, Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography. On the other hand, ‘The yellow roof’ did not fall short either and won the award for Best Documentary Film, a film that we had been able to see at the REC Festival.

Pau Venteo – Europa Press

Other award-winning films that have gone through our festivals and mosteros this past night are: ‘Fed up’ for Best Short Film seen at the D’A Film Festival, Filmets and at the Cerdanya Film Festival, ‘Seis nits d’agost’ for Best film film for television seen at the Zoom Festival and at Terra Gollut, ‘La maternal’ with awards as Best Supporting Actress and Best New Performance seen at the Rec Festival and at La Alternativa, ‘Las renglones torcidos de Dios’ with Best Costume and Best Makeup and hairdressing seen at the Clam Festival and ‘5 wolves’ awarded for Best European Film seen at the D’A Film Festival.

‘Alone’, ‘Tomorrow’ we leave it’, ‘The day they blew up the mountain’, ‘Venus’, ‘My emptiness and I’ and ‘Singing on rooftops’ have been nominated films that have not won any awards but have also we were able to see it at festivals and shows at the Catalunya Film Festivals.