KM 0: IN-EDIT Barcelona Film Festival at community centers


This new section of the Festival aims to screen up-close and personal stories. The Festival determined to give voice to local stories and artists. Those that have most influenced our social context yesterday and today, and those that, still today, have an impact on our culture.
In this way, they endeavour to reach more people and offer greater possibilities to their audiences to explore the stories that are closest to us.

Various community centres (La Sedeta, Albareda, Fort Pienc, Sant Martí and Farinera del Clot) will sign up for this new section, by programming the KM.0 documentaries in parallel to the Festival.

The Fort Pienc Community Centre and three Community Centres that form part of the Barcelona Cultural District (CC Besòs, Centre Cultural Albareda and CC Matas y Ramis) will screen a selection of the best documentaries from In-Edit over the past few years. This program will take place before, during and after the Festival.

IN-EDIT Barcelona