Presentation act: Report Switch – The augmented audiovisual

Next Tuesday, April 25, at 12 p.m., the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya presents the SWITCH Report: Augmented Audiovisual, an in-depth analysis of the trends that are transforming the audiovisual industry: artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, Web3…

Born from SWITCH, the Cluster newsletter that explores the most innovative technologies that have an impact on the audiovisual sector, L’Audiovisual Augmentat discovers the most outstanding cases and projects of recent months and the analysis of the trends that mark the future.

Joan Rosés, editor of SWITCH and L’Audiovisual Augmentat, will present the Report where 20 thematic areas analyzed and more than 200 international cases and projects are referenced. It will be discussed how artificial intelligence affects production, post-production, visual effects, audience analysis, artistic creation, impact of virtual and augmented reality, immersive experiences, the metaverse, NFTs…

Afterwards, the debate Human Creativity vs. artificial creativity: where are the limits? With:


  • Ramon López de Mántaras
    CSIC Research Professor at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA)
  • Karina Gibert
    Director of the Intelligent Data Science & Artificial Intelligence research center (IDEAI-UPC)
  • Lluís Nacenta
    Curator of the exhibition on Artificial Intelligence prepared by the CCCB in October 2023
  • Anna Giralt Gris
    Co-founder of the Artefacto applied research and cinematographic creation laboratory

The event will take place next Tuesday, April 25 at 12 p.m. in the Poblenou Campus Auditorium of the Pompeu Fabra University (Carrer Roc Boronat, 138).

You can also find all the information about the session in the agenda on the website of the Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya.